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Explore Solar services with floating solar power plants & industrial rooftop solutions. Illuminate streets with smart solar street lights. Light up your home with affordable solar lighting systems. Invest in solar agriculture pumps for eco-friendly farming. Choose reliable distribution boxes & junction boxes for seamless electrical connections. Embrace renewable energy for a greener future. Consult top solar power plant contractors for expert guidance.

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Unlock solar potential with expert panel cleaning & maintenance. Find the best solar hot water system on our price list. Discover top installers, financing options & eco-friendly solutions. Save with MSEB & MNRE subsidies. Build energy-efficient solar water heaters. Embrace solar for a greener tomorrow!

 Solar services

Grid Solar Power Plants

(Rooftop/Ground Mounted/ Utility Scale)

Grid solar power plants are large renewable energy facilities that use sunlight to generate electricity. They have arrays of solar panels that capture sunlight and convert it into usable electricity. This electricity is fed directly into the existing power grid, supplying clean energy to homes, businesses, and industries.

Renewable Energy Source:

Lower Operating Costs

Long Lifespan

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

 solar services

Off Grid Solar Power Plants

Off-grid solar power plants are self-sustained renewable energy systems that operate independently of the main electrical grid. Unlike grid-tied systems, these plants are designed to provide electricity to remote or isolated locations where grid connection is not feasible or cost-effective.

Environmental Friendliness

Flexible and Modular Design

Access to Electricity in Remote Areas

Cost Savings

Solar Street Lights (6W to 50W): "Eco-friendly street lighting with solar energy (6W to 50W) with solar services

Solar Street Lights (6 W to 50 Watt)

Solar street lights are lighting systems that are powered by solar energy and designed specifically for outdoor street lighting. They come in various power capacities ranging from 6 watts to 50 watts, making them suitable for different lighting requirements.

Automatic Operation

Improved Safety

Long Lifespan


Solar Water Heater (100 LPD to 500 LPD): "Efficient solar water heaters (100 LPD to 500 LPD) with solar services

Solar Water Heater (100 LPD to 500 LPD)

A solar water heater is a device that utilizes solar energy to heat water for domestic, commercial, or industrial use. These systems are available in different capacities, ranging from 100 liters per day (LPD) to 500 LPD, to cater to various water heating requirements.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Independence from Grid

Energy Savings

Reliable Performance

Solar Krishi Pumps: "Solar-powered pumps for agricultural needs with solar services

Solar Krishi Pumps

Solar Krishi Pumps, also known as solar agricultural pumps or solar water pumps for agriculture, are innovative systems that utilize solar energy to meet the water pumping needs in agricultural applications.

Reduced Maintenance

Water Conservation

Reliable and Sustainable Water Supply

Rural Development

ACDB, DCDB & Junction Boxes: "Essential electrical components for solar power systems

ACDB, DCDB & Junction Boxes

ACDB (Alternating Current Distribution Box), DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Box), and Junction Boxes are essential components in solar power systems that help manage and distribute electrical currents efficiently and safely.

Efficient Power Distribution

Simplified Maintenance

Easy Maintenance and Repairs

Protection and Safety