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Discover the future of energy and convenience in Latur, Aurangabad, Beed, Nanded, Osmanabad, and Solapur with the best solar panel installers and home automation experts. Additionally, harness sustainable power through top-notch solar installations; simultaneously, elevate your lifestyle with cutting-edge home automation solutions. Experience innovation, efficiency, and a greener tomorrow with our expert services.

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We are dedicated Solar Panel Installers, committed to bringing the future of smart living to your doorstep. From seamless integration of devices to personalized home automation solutions, we enhance your home’s security, convenience, and energy efficiency with state-of-the-art technology. Experience the ultimate comfort and control of your living space right at your fingertips

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Home Automation


Smart Locks

Smart locks are electronic locks that provide keyless entry, controlled through smartphones or voice commands, enhancing security and convenience.


Retrofit Switch

Smart Retrofit Switch is a device that upgrades traditional switches, enabling remote control and automation of lights and appliances.


Touch Switch

A touch switch is a neat little device that lets you control lights or other things by simply touching it. No buttons, just a touch! It’s like magic!


Digital Safe

A digital safe is a secure box with a digital keypad that you can use to store your valuable items like money, jewelry, or important documents.

Solar Panel installation


Solar Panel Installers

Solar power plants utilize sunlight to generate electricity. Off-grid plants provide energy in remote areas, while grid plants supply the utility grid.


Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights utilize solar power, converting sunlight to energy-efficient LED lighting for environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness.


Solar Krishi Pumps

Solar Krishi Pumps are solar-powered irrigation systems using panels to generate electricity for sustainable and efficient farming water solutions.


ACDB, DCDB & Junction Boxes

ACDB, DCDB, and junction boxes manage power distribution and connections in solar systems.

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