Our Solar Services offers a wide range of services aimed at providing reliable and sustainable solar energy solutions.

Our Solar Services​

Our Solar Services is a comprehensive suite of solar energy solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We offer a range of services to help clients harness the power of the sun and transition to clean, renewable energy sources.


Solar Installation

Professional setup, efficient panels, permits, wiring, inspection, clean energy harnessing.


Solar Upgrades

Improved panels, battery storage, efficient inverters, smart monitoring, energy optimization.



Annual maintenance, on-call support, repairs, system check-ups, parts replacement, reliability.

Technical Consulting for Projects

Optimizing projects with technical expertise.

In technical consulting, consultants collaborate closely with project stakeholders, including project managers, engineers, and decision-makers, to analyze project requirements, identify challenges, and develop effective solutions.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for Existing Projects

Comprehensive support and maintenance for existing projects through AMC.

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) ensures ongoing maintenance, inspections, repairs, and support for equipment/systems, minimizing downtime, extending lifespan, providing expertise, priority service, and cost savings while ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Performance report of existing plants

Comprehensive evaluation of existing plant’s operational performance and efficiency.

A performance report for existing plants evaluates operational efficiency, productivity, energy consumption, equipment reliability, maintenance effectiveness, and provides insights for improvement and optimization based on comprehensive data analysis

Upgrading existing projects & Plant Size

Enhancing projects and expanding plant size for improved efficiency.

Upgrading existing projects and increasing plant size involve implementing enhancements and expansions to boost productivity, efficiency, and capacity, ensuring a more robust and future-ready operation.

Converting Off Grid to On Grid

Transforming off-grid systems to on-grid for reliable and sustainable power supply.

Converting off-grid systems to on-grid involves transitioning from independent power generation to connecting to the main power grid, enabling access to reliable electricity supply and potential cost savings.

Upgrading Solar Street Lights

Enhancing solar street lights for improved performance and efficiency.

Upgrading solar street lights involves improving their functionality, energy efficiency, and durability through the integration of advanced technologies, components, and design enhancements for enhanced lighting performance and sustainable operation.

Panel cleaning services

Professional cleaning services for solar panels to optimize performance.

Panel cleaning services involve expert cleaning and maintenance of solar panels to remove dirt, debris, and dust, ensuring optimal energy generation, maximizing efficiency, and prolonging the panels’ lifespan for sustainable energy production.

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